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43% more leads in 1 week from one small change.

Conversions were going down. What was the problem?


What was going on?

Conversions were dropping.  Was it bad weather? Some other problem? The new chat tool? 


Spoiler Alert: It was the chat tool.

So what happened?

Conversions had gone down unexpectedly for one of my clients.  But we’d also had a week of bad weather, and their leads normally slow down when bad weather strikes. 

Then conversions were down the following week too. Two bad weeks in a row meant we were starting to get suspicious.   

Around this time I noticed the client had added a chat tool to their website. Normally they keep me in the loop about any website changes, but they forget to tell me about this one.

The chat tool did not have conversion tracking enabled on it. That means, any chats that occurred were not being captured as conversions.  Phone calls and email enquiries were being captured as conversions - but not chat's.

After learning the above, I thought I'd found the problem. Instead of calling or emailing, some people are now using chat to contact my client. And since these chat's aren't being captured as conversions, conversion looked lower than normal.

But, I still needed to confirm this theory with numbers. That meant I needed to combine the data from a few sources - and add the total number of chats + total calls + total emails. Then I'd be able to see if total conversions had gone up, gone down, or stayed the same. 

The client had told me they were getting about 3-5 people a day contacting them via chat.  But when I got the actual chat data from the client it was actually only 1.8 chats per day.

When I combined chats + calls + emails I got the numbers in the graph below. The red line is when the chat tool was turned on.

So there was a pretty clear drop in conversions as soon as chat was turned on.  And this was at a time when we were heading to summer so we’d expect conversions to be going up. 

Total Conversions.png

I manually worked out the Conversion Rate.  And again, there seemed to be a clear drop as soon as the chat tool was enabled.

Conversion Rate.png

So what did we do?

We turned chat off for a couple of weeks as a test.

And conversions shot up. 

Total Conversions 2.png

Their Conversion Rate also shot up.

Conversion Rate 2.png


  1.  The client estimated they were getting 3-5 chats a day. But the data showed it was actually only 1.8 chats a day. So validating their initial estimation with hard data was very important.  

  2.  Looking at the timeline of events was important. We don't know why the chat decreased our conversions, but we could see that when chat was turned on conversions went down. That was enough evidence to propose turning the chat off as a test. 

The Result

After 1 week conversions had increased 43%.  


And Conversion Rate went from 13.8% to 16.8%.

We then started looking into how we could integrate the chat tool into the clients website in a way that didn’t hurt conversions.

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