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Hi, I'm Jared Farr

Search, Video, Display & Shopping Ads Specialist

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Google Ads & Microsoft Ads Manager

I’ve worked in marketing for over 20 years.

And I use everything I've learned to try to help my clients get better results.

My Previous Life

Before this I was a marketing manager at these companies.

West 3.png
Opt 3.png
Comm 3.png
San 3.png
Geo 3.png
Dave 3.png

Recent Results

Check out some of the results I've got for clients recently.


Covidence’s leads have increased about 4 fold since we started working together 2 and a half years ago.

Cov conversions.png

They haven’t increased their budget. We've actually reduced it over the last 2.5 years.

Cov cost.png
TP Landscape.png

Te Pari’s Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) has steadily increased since we started working together 3 years ago. And has seen about a 5 fold increase.

Te P ROAS 2.png

Here's how their Conversions (which for this client is Leads) has gone. From when we started to their peak month, they have seen about a 7 fold increase.

Te P conversions.png

Here's their Cost. Over the last 3 years we have increased their budget by about 2 fold. This is mainly due to the good results we were seeing.

Te P Cost.png

Businesses I've Worked With

I've helped heaps of companies over the years.

Marketplace logo.PNG
TP logo.png
HD (1).png
RP logo.png
101 Physio Logo.png
IE 3.png

No lock-in contracts

I’d rather get you good results, and that be the reason you want to stay! 

Direct line to the person who works on your account

If you call or email, I’ll be the person at the other end. 

Month-to-month arrangements

Pay monthly. And if you don’t like how it’s going, it’s fine to leave whenever you want.
No harm, no foul, no hard feelings.  

Full access to your account

Login whenever you want. And if you don’t have an account I’ll help you set up one that will be yours. I have never ‘owned’ a clients account, and never want to. 

I’m not going anywhere

I’m the one you’ll deal with now, 6 months from now, and 2 years from now.

Click fraud blocking

Got a click fraud problem? I can set up click fraud software for you if you like. 
I can do Click Cease or PPC Secure. 

My monthly reports are in a Google Doc (gasp!). That’s right, no fancy software for me. 

I've tried a bunch of software tools, they all made things look more confusing than they needed to be.

Monthly Report image.PNG

My Industry Experience

Here are some of the businesses I've worked with.
Don't worry too much if your industry is not on this list, I'm sure there is still
a good chance I could help.

Business Type
Building company
Precise Builders
Buyers agent
Buildup Buyers Agents
Car removal
Cash For Cars
Car sales
Auto Fetch
Change management
Tugboat Consulting
DKL Projects
Marketplace Dental
Drinks retailer
Sans Drinks
College of Law, NotesEdu
Electrical supplier
Alf The Label
Financial advisors
Sandringham Wealth
Trade Flooring
Food packaging
Great Wrap
Fuel refunds
Funeral services
Northshore Funerals
Garage door repair
Guardian Doors
Crunch Fitness
Health care
CGIB, 1Life
Irrigation products
Irrigation Express
Labour hire
Remarkable People
Laundry products
Wear & Repeat
Gorval Lynch, Oz Property Law
Livestock equipment
Te Pari
Westend Painters
Pest control
Nationwide Pest Control, Premium Pest Control
Caroline Chandler Photography, Chris Gurney Photography
101 Physio
Enterprise Plumbing
Real estate agent
De Brennan, McConnell Bourn, Rental Results, Location RE
World Options
Software - booking management
Software - enterprise
Software - facial recognition
Noah Face
Software - project management
Software - research
Swimming pools
Vehicle finance
Dolbak Finance
Wildlife products
Window repair
Birkenhead Glass

I have a number of clients who have got great results with Shopping ads. It doesn't work for everyone, but if you sell a product online it's definitely worth testing alongside regular Search ads in my opinion. 

Google Shopping image v2.png

Performance Max campaigns are a recent invention from Google, and you can incorporate Shopping ads into Performance Max campaigns.  

A lot of people seem to be getting great results from Performance Max. Many of my clients are.

Although I would say it's clients with larger budgets that seem to be getting the best results here, and some clients with smaller budgets seem to struggle sometimes (in which case it makes more sense to use traditional Shopping ads). 

Display ads used to be a great way to waste money. But in the last couple of years, Google’s algorithms have got better and better.

And now display ads work well for a number of my clients.


For example, after chipping away at it, Te Pari are now getting a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of about 55-60x from their display ads. 

TP ROAS Display PPT.png

There are a lot of businesses who are only do search ads because that's what they have always done.

Some might have tried display ads in the past, and perhaps found it didn't work.

But it's worth thinking about testing it. Google have come a long way in this space and there's a good chance you'll get better results this time around.

Video ads used to be only for big companies, and online gurus telling you to quit your day job.

But now it’s becoming more and more popular with everyday businesses.

I even had one of my dentist clients try it out this year is his local town, and it worked really well.

Another client, Te Pari, are getting really good results through video ads.

This year, they got a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 36x for all their video ads.

That’s better than then 26x they got for their search ads for the year (38% better in fact).

A lot of your Google Ads content can be imported into Microsoft Ads, which makes things a lot easier.  

MS ads.png

Bing only has about a 4% market share in New Zealand.  So for some small businesses it’s not worth the additional effort and expense. 

But if you target major cities, or all of New Zealand then it might be worth testing.

If you run ads internationally, it’s definitely worth testing. And in many cases the cost is lower than Google.

For example, Covidence run Microsoft Ads in 130 countries, and the Cost Per Lead is about 30% lower than Google Ads.  This means that for every $1,000 they get 42% more leads from Bing than Google.

Check out my pricing plans.


I’m more than happy to review your account for free and tell you what I think.

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